Which Color for "your" bike?

We receive more questions here at Preston Petty Products to do with specific colors and styles to fit specific motorcycle brands and models than any other question. Our goal is to help advise anyone that is needing help to decide which color best suites your needs. Very few motorcycle brands used Preston Petty fenders as a factory product. Preston Petty fenders were designed by  Preston as a “universal” fender.

*When ordering please remember that colors from original fenders or gas tanks that
are thirty plus years old may have been modified,faded or changed.

Below is a list of the responses that we have received when a customer orders a fender on line. We ask if they can please provide what year,make and model motorcycle they will be using our fenders on. Some folks provide this information and some do not. It is our desire to share this information with you to help you make a better informed decision of what color or style fender that you may need.

This is only a suggestion as we do not wish to tell anyone which is the correct fender or the correct color again as these were designed by Preston to be “universal”.

Preston Petty 2016 , as the first fenders are produced. The Rebirth of Preston Petty Products

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