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How it all started ....from owner, Paul Stannard:

The idea for reproducing the Preston Petty Products line came by a chance meeting in 1999. I was at Mid-Ohio with Harry Taylor from Hodaka, and a few others for the maiden race of our Hodaka "Wolverine." While getting the bike prepared for the upcoming race along came Jim Pomeroy with a friend. Jim and his friend were there because they had just been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame. As they
were walking through the swapmeet Jim spotted Harry Taylor. It was a great meeting which lead Jim to be a regular attendee of Hodaka
Days, beginning in 2000. It is an introduction I will always cherish. In the photo below the gentleman in blue behind Jim is Preston Petty,
who along with Jim, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

Before I began reproducing Preston Petty fenders, I had already been making some of the Hodaka plastic fenders. I thought it would make
a good fit to continue the Preston Petty product line because many of the original Hodaka fenders were actually Petty.
After searching US Patents and Trademarks it came to my attention that the Preston Petty trademark has been abandoned in the late
‘70s and was then currently available. However, I thought it was absolutely necessary to call Preston himself first, before I went any further.
I explained to Preston my ideas and asked for his blessing, which he gladly gave with one of his smiles. He even went as far as writing a letter on my behalf
to the Trademark office offering no opposition, only support for me to use his name. Of course if Preston had said no then I would have
respected his wishes.
I spent a few years in research and development, but most of my time and efforts were devoted to reproducing Hodaka parts to keep that
brand alive. In 2010 we finally started on the Preston Petty fenders with our injection molding company in Italy.
When I had found out that Preston was coming to the ISDTRR that year in Coombs, AR I pushed the production as much as I could produce
as many fenders and colors as possible to make Preston proud. When Preston came to my pit area at the reunion ride he seemed pleased
with the variety of colors but asked me privately, “Will they pass the Preston test?” I did not know at the time what the Preston test was, but he
proceeded to bend one of the fenders like a pretzel, and then I knew exactly what he had meant. Our fenders stood up to the pressure and
returned to their original form, passing the Preston test! (photo below)

It is now 2017 and we have received our first shipment of Preston Petty "MX Front" fenders. We could not be any prouder! They came out perfectly and they still have the
"guaranteed Unbreakable" 1 year warranty.
Please understand that this is a slow and very expensive process. We will continue reinvesting our profits in more fenders as sales come in.
Our goal is to make a quality product that both we and Preston can be proud of.
With the help, advice, and encouragement from Preston and great friends we plan to move this forward. Stay tuned…
Thank you, Paul

CONTACT INFO: 802.375.2665 / Paul@PrestonPettyProduct.com
723 Stannards Rd Sandgate, Vermont USA 05250
Hodaka and Preston Petty Products
are Registered Trademarks of
Strictly Hodaka Motorcycles